Wednesday, 1 October 2008

23 Minutes in Brussels

I think i was supposed to comment on the compilation but i says to meselfs, "kono, fuck all dat" so instead i'll ramble on about this song from the band Luna, it's been stuck in my head all day and if you've never heard it i suggest you download it right now and get really high, the guitar and bass lines lock into to a mellow grinding chug chug and you can practically see the train pulling into the central station while the lead guitar kinda wanders around in a semi-psychedelic trip, about 12 years ago i drove up to NYC to see the band in Irving Plaza and i rolled a gigantic joint to smoke when they played this song and lucky for me about half way through the show the stage was bathed in a combination of blue and red lights and it started, i immediately sparked it up and can remember blowing a ridiculous cloud through the blue lights and nodding my head to the delicious sound, now apparently in NYC most of the weed is dusted and though i tried to be a nice guy and share it with my fellow concert goers all the lame-o's in NYC just looked at me in a terrified manner and declined my mangy dreaded head, i just smiled and kept on smoking with a friend of mine and by the time the jam kicked in about 5 minutes in i very well may have been floating.


Gulfboot Johnson said...

How long did you spend in Brussels?

Kono said...

3 days of wandering and drinking, took a picture of a cat in the main square and perused the seedier sections, the place i stayed was great though, like somebody's house, even had my own bathroom.