Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Del Shannon - Hats Off to Larry

When i was a kid i had this little portable record player, i think it only played 45's and it was blue and white and i could fold it up and take it from room to room, not exactly a Technics or a Pioneer but great for a kid of 5 or 6, i won't go into the first record i ever bought cuz that's for another time but i do remember my mom had this little hard case of 45's, all old Motown girl groups and things from the late 50's and early to mid 60's when she was a kid, did i mention my mom took her little sister to see the Beatles at Cleveland Stadium way back when? needless to say this song holds a special place in my heart, basically cuz i remember being a wee little boy and singing it with my mom in my room as i sat on the floor and she did her old dance moves, tonight, after not hearing this song for years i started singing it to the boyos as they took their bath, complete with falsetto and everything, watching the I-mac concentrate on the words was priceless, roughly the same age i was when i first heard this song, weird how things come full cirlce innit?


Gulfboot Johnson said...

I fucking love this! Never heard it before. Fucking love it.

kid said...

The musical equivalent of a solo centerfield home run.

In that mythical, halfimagined movie about my friends, this will be in the soundtrack, opening credits, segue into two dark bars on opposite sides of a small workingclass neighborhood, daytime jukebox but otherwise silent saturday encampment of drinkers, transition to a short man with a shaved head and a fresh gouge above his eye, and then to a tall man with immense sideburns spilling from a black stockingcap, having never met yet, drinking alone in their respective places. One is brooding, drinking a can and putting the can to his wound alternately, one is sipping a pintglass of something dark, watching the game with limited interest, for there was no chance those damn Irish covered the spread. I get carried away, but that is it exactly.

Kono said...

You trying to make an old man get misty-eyed Kid?