Saturday, 3 September 2011

Uncle Tupelo - Moonshiner

A few pints and a few pills and what the fuck does anyone really know of this ghost we call the Kono, a broken relationship, a  menial job, a couple of sons he loves dearly and some bad habits he can't shake, what i wanted was the Dylan version of this song but all i could find were assholes doing shit covers, so i turn to my friends Jay and Jeff, second best to Mr. Zimmerman in the singing of this song, and it's turning out to be another long and lonely night as Louie the cat gives himself a bath and i contemplate another beer outta the fridge, yeah i can find low faster than you can find high and i can find high faster than Jesus can find God, but when i add it all up i got two boys, Gulfboot, the Kid, Furious and a couple of four legged friends, maybe i had a girlfriend and the sun would feel that much warmer, since i don't i'll take solace in the bottles and pills and smoke, this song just about sums it up for me right now, the only thing i'd change is that one line "if whiskey don't kill me, the opiates will". cheers.

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