Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Drive-By Truckers - Daddy Needs A Drink

Just back from the Kiddie Express Care where they wouldn't even fuck with the thing on Nick Disaster's cute little belly, they told me to wait until morning and take him to the ER so they can dope him up and lance it and what have you and while i'm there i get a message from his 5 year old brother that i couldn't listen to until i got home and if i could somehow put it up here it would break every one of your motherfucking hearts cuz though they may be young i've drilled into those boys that they have to look out for each other and i do believe it's already sunk in, so the I-mac called and left a message asking how his brother was doing and hoping he was alright and then he said i love you Nick D. and i love you Dad, you're the most fun Dad i know and you're the best Dad ever and god damn if his old man's eyes didn't well up just a bit cuz no one was around but sometimes Daddy's don't have the luxury of crying they just have to get on with things like taking care of their young sons and though i'd really love a drink tonight i probably won't get one til tomorrow when hopefully things have settled down a bit and until then i'll take care of Nick Disaster all day until i take the I-mac to his footie match tomorrow night and what has been a long day might turn into even a longer night followed by an even longer day but Mr. Hood sings a pretty good song and i know just where's he's coming from and if all goes well tomorrow at some point i'll have a glass of Power's and a pint of the black gold in front of me and ten minutes or so to relax...

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Gulfboot Nunez said...

I've got a headache from brandy and beer. Kids might be good for your health.

Hope Nick's ok.