Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Jane's Addiction - Summertime Rolls

This was the last song i sang Nick Disaster tonight as i put him to bed, the quality of the video may be a bit shoddy but these days that mirrors the quality of the band, at one time they were arguably the best and most important band on the planet, now 20 years and a few incarnations later they are nothing more than a shit nu-metal band with a hired bassist, they will never be the band they were without Eric Avery, he was the most important part, when you think of Jane's in their heyday the thing that sticks out is the bass lines, but Eric went out for one last tour and a big payday and realized that what was once in no more, now all you have in Farrell and Navarro posturing and acting like fucking imbeciles, doesn't mean i love them any less, Ritual and Nothing Shocking are fucking masterpieces, it's just that after that i like to pretend they never got back together, now it's like karaoke of the great stuff with lots of shit new songs thrown in, needless to say little Nick Disaster and his sleepy eyes enjoyed it, then daddy kissed his curly mop head and said good night.

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