Friday, 4 November 2011

The Stone Roses - Waterfall

Brother Kono's clip is evidently taken from the infamous Spike Island show - known equally for its sense of occasion and scale and for its evidently shambolic organisation and poor sound. I've never heard any audio from it - or for that matter a live version of Fool's Gold. And although it's an interesting artifact and has an epic Squire noodling funk quality, Mani's bass and Reni's sublime drumming seem a little lost in the recording for my tastes.

To back up my rambling soliloquy in the Plastic Paddy last week, here is The Roses in their full pomp. Produced by John Leckie with sub-Woodstock home edited footage of the Blackpool show that was filmed (including long forgotten Bez-like dancer Cressa). This is the reason why it's okay that they are risking tainting their reputation by reforming.

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