Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tis the Season - The Walkmen - We've Been Had

Ha-ha, ha fucking ha, how bout it, how fucking bout it, yes yes yes kids, the good old days, 759 S. Millvale ave. the fucking address, the hole in the ceiling, that room down the hall in the back of the second floor apartment where that tall fucking weirdo lived, didn't wear deodorant, big dreads, slept on the floor, made freebase in his room, oh kids on many days we'd wake up bloodied and bruised and hungover and we didn't understand why, just young fucking turks, whatever the fuck that means, smoking last night cigarettes down to the butt, pulling crumpled up bills out our pockets and getting another case of PBR, wandering to the bar in bright sunlight to drink whiskey and beer and step back out into the blinding sun and wonder what the fuck was going on, laughing at the squares, laughing at the squares, laughing at the squares, falling asleep in the strip club, plates laying on the makeshift kitchen table covered in coke residue, stamp bags on the floor, a never-ending parade of idiots, thieves, liars, saints, freaks, women, i mean how did we go and fuck that all up? really? i mean i'm a modern guy, ain't much for the go-go but ah who knows, we all got out alive and i guess that counts for something, though sometimes i think that we've been had but at times i'm just glad that i'm older... cuz the kids these days they'll never do it any better than we did it, ha-ha, ha fucking ha, how bout it, how fucking bout it...

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